Carer Visa (Subclass 836): A Pathway to Provide Care and Support to Your Loved Ones in Australia

The Carer Visa (Subclass 836) is designed for individuals who need to move to Australia to provide care to a relative with a long-term medical condition. This visa grants permanent residency, allowing you to live, work, and study in Australia while providing essential support to your loved ones.

Eligibility Criteria: Is This the Right Visa for You?

To be eligible for the Carer Visa (Subclass 836), applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be inside Australia during both the application and decision process.
  • Have a relative in Australia with a long-term medical condition requiring care, or a member of their family living with them who needs care.
  • Be sponsored by an eligible sponsor approved by the Australian government.
  • Be able and willing to provide ongoing substantial care and support for your relative.
  • Understand the medical condition and care needs of your relative.
  • Hold or have held a substantive visa, with the exception of Transit visa (subclass 771).
  • Meet the health and character requirements set by Australian immigration authorities.
  • Have no outstanding debts to the Australian government or have arranged to repay any debts.
  • Have not previously had a visa cancelled or an application refused within Australia.
  • If 18 years or older, sign the Australian values statement.
  • For applicants under 18 years old, demonstrate that the visa grant is in their best interests.

Understanding the Sponsorship Requirement

An eligible sponsor is essential for the Carer Visa. The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. They must be the person in need of care or a family member of that person. The sponsor should provide written consent to offer accommodation and financial assistance to the applicant for the first two years of their stay in Australia.

Embarking on Your Application Journey

The application process for the Carer Visa (Subclass 836) is meticulous and requires careful attention to detail. Our experienced migration consultants are here to offer expert guidance and support at every step of the application process. From assessing your eligibility to preparing your application and meeting all the requirements, our team is dedicated to helping you move to Australia to provide care for your loved ones.

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