Breaking: The number of states challenging Trump’s revised ban is growing

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

After Hawaii, five more states followed suit to boost the nationwide call to scrap the revised executive order that bars citizens from select Islamic nations from entering the US.

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Washington, which played a significant role in suspending the first ban, initiated the move on March 9 just a few hours after Hawaii. The five other states to seek a temporary restraining order (TRO) from the federal court are Oregon, Minnesota, New York, and Massachusetts, which all filed their respective complaints.

On Monday, California joined the six states, saying that a large fraction of its constituents will be affected by the ban. It will also inflict a financial harm that could cost up to over $US40 in tax revenues if visitors from several Middle Eastern nations will no longer be allowed to visit the country.

“The Trump Administration may have changed the text of the now-discredited Muslim travel ban, but they didn’t change its unconstitutional intent and effect,” California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra told the press right after the case was filed.

Every complainant echoes the same sentiment that the ban will hit the country in all aspects, including financial and moral, needless to mention how it aggravates the US’s waning global reputation.

The official implementation of Trump’s revised ban is on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The administration maintains its stance on the matter, saying that the new policies it wants to implement are indisputably constitutional and simply aim to protect the country from all forms of terrorist attacks.

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